A free gift! ...The coconut oil book by RealFoodSource

Every time I work on a another book for the Real Food Source I say it's the best one yet! 

I absolutely loved the nut butter ebook... perfect for any nut butter fanatic. Now The Real Food Source have just launched the latest free ebook to download, all about coconut oil, you can download it for FREE here. It's proving pretty popular already and it was only added to the ebook collection a couple of days ago.  

It features lots of sweet and savoury recipes, most of which are vegan (there are a few recipes not created by me so aren't necessarily plant based) plus beverages and also some tips on body products, body products is an area I am becoming super passionate about, and coconut oil really is your best friend when it comes to feeding your body both inside and out.

Let us know what you think if you do check it out, and also if you have made any recipes form the other ebooks!

So what's next on the horizon? Maybe a few more healthy versions of your Christmas classics. I'll keep you posted ;-)

Stayed tuned tomorrow for a new spin on one of my favourite recipe creations from the book. Here is a little sneak peak!

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