My article...a little celebration!

I am just popping in briefly (as I am still in holiday downtime mode) as I wanted to share a little achievement with you and celebrate a little more!

On Christmas eve I received an early Christmas present in the post... a copy of Vegan Life magazine with my very own article in it!  My first feature in a feral print magazine available in high street shops!

I have been actively getting more involved with publications over these last few months as this is something that resonates so much with me in getting the word into the world. I have always loved writing too so it seems a great fit.... I have already established an ongoing relationship with fab magazines such a Definition for Ladies and Fresh View but you'll be seeing me pop up more on the coming months (hopefully!)

In the age of digital information there is still something so magical about holding something in your hands. A real magazine, printed and bound to sit on the coffee table for a flick through when a moment takes your fancy!

Here is a little sneak peak... but you can buy in throughout the UK.  

It's all about tips to quit sugar, a topic you know I love!  Although a little bit hypocritical since I have overindulged like most this holiday period. I'm hitting January with a bang!  

I had more on that to come next week too.. watch this space!! 


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