Your 2015 'Dream Sheet'

Reflection and gratitude was a big part of this previous post as I looked back on my first year in business, but let's not simply reflect but also look ahead to our dreams for the coming year!

The biggest takeaway for me this last year? The importance of self care! As life ramps up and gets a little crazy, your self care practices need to follow the same tangent! You simply cannot live a life of optimal health otherwise.

I learnt this the hard way as I have suffered some digestive issues (low stomach acid through stress) and adrenal fatigue. It was a slow process and I wasn't aware of the extent of the impact until it was too late. BUT awareness is the key to change, and I am intent on re-structuring my life to allow for the self care I know I deserve- body and mind. I know it won't happen over night, but I am intent on exploring this over coming weeks and moths and hope that you will also share my journey.

2015 looks set to be equally and exciting and scary for me as both aspects of my business... coaching and Wholeplus take even bigger steps into the unknown. But i'll be ready!

Dreams are the essence of life, but it is only action that powers them forward into a reality. It is the action part that is often so scary and overwhelming. 

I wanted to create you a 'Dream Sheet' where you could document your goals and dreams and remind yourself throughout the year of your goals and keep yourself acceptable.  I was just about to design you one from scratch then I came across this beautiful version created by Emma Paxton. She has provided the graphic to be shared freely so I decided to share it with you all here.

save and print the image to use this dream sheet yourself!

This Dream Sheet was found at Emma Paxton's Facebook page Drawing Lingo

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