Wholeplus... the 'Subscription box review'

I mentioned my Wholeplus journey in this post, but I wanted to celebrate a little more and a few weeks ago I had an idea. This Christmas period my Wholplus goodies were featured in four different subscription boxes and since I have four other family members I thought it would be a lovely surprise (and a little proud moment for me!) to wrap up a box from each to put under the tree to share with them on Christmas day!

Can you see the labels on the packages under the tree? …I labelled them 'surprise no. 1, 2, 3 and 4 ..ha ha! My family were very confused :-) We left these until the end and unwrapped them together.

I also felt it was ideal opportunity to review the boxes to show my appreciation for them having supported me on my journey and I in theirs. I have big things planned for 2015 and without the support of companies such as these, Wholeplus could never have been what is today. Seeing my goodies tagged on Instagram and around social media has brought such light to my life that I never could've anticipated this time last year!

Thank you,  thank you,  thank you!!

Please note: this is an objective review as I'm proud of all the companies I have worked with and wanted to show my appreciation for those I was involved with specifically over the Christmas period. They have supported me on my journey as I have supported them on theirs. Therefore this is not a 'which box did I like best' style review. Also note that not all box contents may be vegan.

P.s. the photos are not fantastic quality as I literally shot them the moment they had been opened on Christmas morning, before my family began opening packets and tucking into the goodies!!


I'll review the boxes one by one, in alphabetical order just to make sure there is no hierarchy or favouritism. ;-) You can check out the links below their company name.... go and show the some love!

Life Box

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Prices from £12.95 - £21.95. There are five boxes to choose from and you buy either as a one of on on subscription (ladies, mens, junior, everyday and cleanse) Taken from the website: "Delivering current and wannabe “healthies” with the latest super health foods, clean eats and refreshments, providing a convenient and affordable way of discovering new and delicious wholefoods". There were so many goodies in this box! I was particularly excited to see maple 'Wahta' as i'd seen it on Instagram and was curious to try! (we also had a little sip). There is also a recipe card.

This box (the November edition) featured my Wholeplus Cinnamon Toppers.

Box contains:

  • Raw ecstasy activated chocolate walnuts
  • Rountons coffee sample sachet
  • Aronia berries pukka teas sachets 
  • Maple water
  • Emily fruit crisps
  • Raw bite coconut raw bar
  • Conscious organic chocolate bar
  • Wholeplus cinnamon Toppers
  • Pukka clean greens sachet
  • Apricots kernels 
  • Miso soup sachet
  • Lifebox amaranth trial bag
  • Lifebox digestions spice mix
  • Lifebox Chia seeds trial bag

Primal Snack Box

Website, Facebook, Twitter, 

Prices £19.99 for the meat-free version of £21.99 for the regular (inc. P&P) Taken from the website: "The uk’s first paleo snack box service, all of our snacks are free from grains, gluten, dairy and refined sugars". Lots of festive flavours and there was also lots of other raw style goodies... yummy and also good to check out my competition! :-)

This box featured my Wholeplus Choc-Orange Squares.  

Box contains:

  • Mulled Apple leather
  • Wholeplus Choc Orange slices
  • Cinnamon kale crisps
  • Figberry balls
  • Chocolate mulberries
  • Gingerbread bar
  • Cranberry chocolate
  • Rawbite cinnamon
  • Yummy scrummy
  • Fig and orange pudding bar
  • Apple crisps

The Vegan Kind

Website, Facebook, Twitter

£10 (plus £3.15 P&P) for the lifestyle box. TVK also have a quarterly vegan beauty box for £15 (plus £3.15 P&P).  One of the things I like about this box is that it features home products as well as foodies bits. I nabbed the toothpaste before the rest my family could get there hands on it! :-) There is also a recipe card with binder holes (you get a free binder with your fourth box- I think!)

This box featured my Wholeplus gingerbread Toppers.

Box contains:

  • Harpers bizarre jingle bells Christmas candle
  • Wholeplus gingerbread Toppers
  • Olive branch gluten-free sweet biscuits
  • Teatonics mind awakening yerba and laid-back botanical tea
  • Green people toothpaste

Vegan Tuck Box

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Prices- £8.50 for the mini (5-6 treats) or £19 for the classic (10-12 treats). They also offer a gluten free box option.  This was the special Christmas box and was most festive themed of them all... with lots of indulgent treats in festive shapes- snowman and holly leaves! There was also a recipe booklet with festive vegan alternatives for Christmas classics.

This box featured my Wholeplus gingerbread Squares.

Vegan Tuck Box have also generously offered a discount for my readers for 10% off all boxes during January (as I am to be featured in one of their January boxes also!)  Enter Wholeplus10 at the checkout for 10% off all of box options.

Box contains:

  • Mint chocolate holly leaves
  • Chocolate pralines
  • Wholeplus gingerbread squares
  • Milk chocolate star
  • Gluten-free white chocolate pretzels
  • White chocolate snowman
  • Viva vegan Christmas recipe booklet


Now it's over to you... have you tried any of these boxes... or maybe others?  Share with me in the comments your thoughts or where else you might like to see Wholeplus featured this coming year!


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