Special offer...End-Of-Year Empowerment Session!

It's at this time of year many of my friends and clients get a little anxious, worried the festive season will 'undo' all their hard work, or catch them off guard so they are unable to resist the seasonal temptations coming from all angles. I know the feeling i've totally been there.

Does this sound like you? 

Do you want to feel empowered and in control this Christmas and gain tips to take you in the New Year and beyond?

Are you curious about coaching but not sure about committing to a programme?

This supercharge intensive session offers you a one-off 2 hour one-to-one personalised coaching session, plus a collection of my ebooks with tips and recipe resources. This is the ultimate kickstart to your health and wellness… why wait until january to plan new years resolutions when you can gain support to take you health into your own hands... RIGHT NOW!

Let’s do this! 

This year I've had some many people emailing me for tips and suggestions I thought i'd put the offer out there for you all and create an intensive session to help empower your own life! No matter where you are in the world this offer is open to you, we can Skype... and if you are local we can also get together face to face!

Limited offer and highly limited spaces... you must get in touch before December 14th to book your session to be taken before Christmas!

Catch me here... hello@includingcake.com



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