Mantra for Monday no. 103


Today's Mantra was inspired by two things....

1- My own self doubt that has been clawing the away at the peripheries of my consciousness a little too much in recent days.

2- A timely blog post by Live Bold and Bloom

The well known saying 'fake it till you make it' is something i always found hard to identify with. For me the word 'fake' conjures up a negative and superficial existence. I want to be be genuine and honest in my approach, my experiences and my connections with the word around me. 

That said, if self doubt is holding you back from realising your potential, maybe you need to try another tactic. Taking more inspiration from LB&B, I also loved the song choice she connected with. Let go of your expectation and set free a little strength and fearlessness. Fling your arms open wide, dance a little dance, be a little silly. 

Be Brave. Even if you are not.

P.s I now have a new favourite artist to add to my playlists :-)


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