Ridiculously healthy - 3 ingredient - pinktastic ice cream!

Please tell me the title grabbed your attention...?

I had to come up with something suitable fitting for this concoction. Simplicity at it's finest.

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I made this recipe on Saturday in the midst of having a rather overwhelming and floopy weekend...and this turned the whole thing around for me. Yep this in indeed a game changer! I posted a sneak preview on my Instagram and one comment received was doubtful of the beetroot.... wooah no...most definitely not! This is some seriously good pink stuff ;-)

Even though the main ingredient in this ice cream is banana, the combo of beet and raspberry is pretty powerful and gives a lovely sweetly sharp hint, and so the result is not an immediately obvious banana flavour. My dad couldn't even guess what was in it at all when I presented him with a bowlful for dessert on Sunday evening... he started reeling off ingredients such a white beans... ha ha, he knows me too well! :-)

This will probably be my last pre-Valentines pink post. I'm not even a lovey duvey kind of girl. I think I've simply liked making pink things. I hope you do too!

However you happen to be celebrating On Friday...if indeed at all, I hope you enjoy your Valentines Day. For all those singletons out there, how about a booking a massage or a bubbly bath with oils and a face mask. I've been trying to find time for a bit of self-love as I know I don't prioritise 'me' time nearly as much as I should. 

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Recipe: Banana beet and raspberry ice cream (no ice cream maker needed!)

Serves 3-4 (or two if you are ice cream obsessed!)


  • 3 bananas- chunked and pre-frozen

  • 1 cup frozen raspberries

  • 1 cooked beetroot (i bought them pre-packed)

  • 1 tsp vanilla extra (or other flavour) optional

  • few drops stevia (optional for a touch extra sweetness)


Blend all ingredients together until smooth- bout don't over blend as the ice-cream consistency will begin to soften. I added most of the raspberries into the blend, then added at the last few for decoration.

You can serve this immediately as a soft serve or spread into a tub and freeze for a few hours to serve with a scoop. Because this ice-cream uses a banana base, there is no need for an ice cream maker and the ice cream won't form icy crystals as some ice creams can tend to. Winner!

beet icecream 3a.jpg
beet icecream 4a.jpg
beet icecream 1a.jpg

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