Ramp up the Red.... for the British Heart Foundation!

Ramp up the Red!! Today is the official British Heart Foundation fundraising day

Heart disease is the no. 1 cause of death in the UK and US, so it's a cause that is dear to the hearts of many who have been affected. It is also an integral part of why I do what I do... diet has such a huge influence on heart disease and by educating and inspiring healthy nutritional habits I hope that in time this number decreases. 

At the weekend I was invited to take part in a charity photo shoot in aid of this great cause.... as you may have guessed, I was not one of the models but the provider of food! My Wholeplus goodies graced the venue and kept energy levels up all day long. It was a great day...plus being the photography geek I am I had fun taking lots of behind the scenes pics! I'd love to get into portrait photography- it's in a totally different arena to food. I still love food though... after all you don't get to eat the models when you're finished ;-)

Here is a photo of the team- check me out with my goodies in hand :-)


Another beautiful montage of the models shots released today prior to an exhibition in April. My good friend Roisin organise the event in memory of her father. She is raising money for the charity via the just giving link below... so just in case you felt so inclined to give a few pennies please click the image to go straight to the Just Giving page.


Oh and on the theme of red... I have a new recipe I developed just this afternoon. Perfect for today's theme and also for the upcoming 'festival of love' that is just round the corner.  I will post the recipe in the next couple of days as I first need to do a second trial with a quick tweak to the recipe.  Hold on....it' coming soon I promise.

valentine bake 7a.jpg

I'd love you to join me in other places too!  

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