Pancake crazy.... 'the lemon and blueberry'!

Day two of the pancake frenzy!  

These were lovely mis-shapen pancakes...not the typically beautiful uniform stacks you see on the cover of magazines. I love the fact these are chunky and rustic with big juicy blueberries peeking through. I served these up with an extra squeeze of lemon and a dollop of soy yoghurt (if i'd had more time I would have made some thick cashew cream)

You could use other berries but blueberries keep their colour and shape nicely and they pair so well with lemon. I always use frozen for best results and less colour bleed.

lemon blueberry pancakes 1a.jpg

Recipe: Lemon and blueberry pancakes

(the basic recipe was lightly adapted from this recipe on Oh She Glows)

Makes approx 12 pancakes - (feel free to halve the mix if you prefer)


  • 1/2 heaped cup brown rice flour (or spelt)
  • 1/2 heaped cup buckwheat flour (or spelt)
  • 1/4 scant cup arrowroot (or other starch)
  • 2 heaped tsp baking powder
  • 2 scant cups non-dairy milk of choice*
  • 2-3 tbs unrefined syrup of choice* (adjust to taste as these are only slightly sweet)
  • 2 tbs ground flax or chia
  • zest of one lemon plus the juice
  • pinch salt
  • 1 cup frozen blueberries (using frozen minimises colouring the batter)
  • vegan yoghurt to serve- optional

* liquid quantity may vary slightly depending on mix-ins used. For sweetness you may also use stevia or another form of sweetener, if so increase liquid slightly. 


Blend all ingredients (other than blueberries) together to get a thick smooth batter. Add the liquid slowly to ensure the smoothest mixture. Stir through the blueberries last

Heat a non-stick saucepan with a little coconut oil (or other oil of choice) and spoon dollops of batter into the pan. The batter will be chunky and 'misshapen' due to the berries but this adds to the charm. Cook for 2-3 mins on one side, carefully flip and cook for a minute on the other. 

Serve immediately or keep warm in the oven on a low heat until all are ready together. 

lemon blueberry pancakes 4a.jpg
lemon blueberry pancakes 2a.jpg

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