Mantra for Monday no. 106


When you live in the moment there is no fear of failure as you just learn as you go, moment to moment, in a cumulative wave of knowledge. All experiences should be viewed in the positive as learning is growth and growth is a positive outlet that moves us forward in life. 

The true learning experience has no deadline, has no finite plan, has no tick boxes and paperwork, no ‘should’s, would’s, could’s… it simply is. It’s the most natural source of your daily existence; an existence when lived mindfully and in the moment.

These last weeks and months and years as i’ve pushed further forward and out of the comfort zone, I've been battling with much more internal negativity. The little voice inside that strives for perfection, that fears the unknown, that won't give credit to putting myself out there before I'm ‘ready’. This little voice is also the creation of my own worst critic when others around me see the best in me and what I have to offer the world. 

But all these things fall by the wayside when you learn to live in the moment and appreciate the learning experience with every challenge and every task and every goal you set yourself. 

The past and the future may serve to centre you, to teach you and to guide you on you way BUT it’s the experience itself and the journey that matters, and then maybe the achievement of the goal itself should simply become the icing on the cake.


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