Why do I coach? ...and introducing the students of IIN!

I keep meaning to post a little update about my coaching thoughts and progress for some time, so now seems like a pretty good time!

As you will have seen yesterday I now have my midway certificate with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, this means I can formally begin coaching clients as I have completed enough of the course to have the skills and knowledge to do so. Obviously the fact I have been building, researching, developing and creating this blog over the last two and half years gave me an advantage at the outset and so I can't wait to begin to turn all this knowledge into reality.

The idea of really being able to help others explore themselves and their lives is so exciting to me! I live by the mantra 'question everything' as my way of fighting back to regain the inquisitive childlike spirit that society has dulled within us. I truly believe we all still have that innate curiosity, that spark that fires our soul, and it is simply a case of accessing it. I want to help you embrace that curiosity, and be the support by your side as you challenge your life in new ways.

In a nut shell that is why I coach, but that's enough about me for now (otherwise I'll chatter on all day!)  

Today, I want to bring your attention back around to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, or more specifically, some of my fellow students on the course. One of the true blessings and strengths of this course is the team spirit, the sense of kinship amongst the students and a willingness to support and help one another out. The course crosses continents and timezones...there may be miles in between us but the support is unfailing.

When I first discovered I had candida issues (and other digestive problems going on) a few weeks ago, my first thought was 'Oh no I'm going to have a really boring blog for the next few months!' Since I can't eat any forms of sugar, fruit or sweet vegetables, my meals and snacks have been a little less inspiring. That being said I have since come up with a few funky recipes to share with you, and I also have quite a few sweet recipes not yet posted that I can also share but I was still worried that things would seem a little lacking.

A little voice was whispering to me 'reach out to others for support'.

So I did.

Every Friday for the next 12 weeks I will feature a guest post by a fellow health coaching student on her own journey of discovery... each will have her own story to inspire and a recipe to share. They have each specially selected a recipe to fit my 'plant based whole foods' philosophy and I am excited to see what they bring to the table!

Many of the students are accomplished in their field whilst others are just starting out in this world, the world of websites and blogs, and so I would also encourage you to share the love and hop over to visit their blog and maybe leave a comment. We all start somewhere and so we can all be there to reach out support each other. 

This is simply my way to showcase some of the amazing people that I have had to privilege to come to know.

...look out for the first post coming up this Friday!


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