Banana cashew cacao sponge

If you liked this easy apple and cashew pudding... then you'll be sure to love this banana cashew cacao sponge! A twist on the original, the banana creates an amazing sponge like texture... a cross between a cake and a dessert!

You've heard me mention a few times now that i'm creating an ebook for the Real Food Source all about nut butters (or more accurately nut pastes as sold in their store) this is one of the recipe that will be featured in the book.... and to check it out, hop over to the recipe page to check it out here!

One of the reasons I love this recipe is the simplicity and versatility... you could add a chocolate chunk to the middle to make an indulgent melty centre, or you could add a spoonful of cocoa to the mix or how about a handful walnuts or even some blueberries on top!

Here is another couple of recipes I have created for the Real Food Source in recent weeks... go check them out too!

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white choc 1a.jpg

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