Silent Sunday / Mantra for Monday Birthday Combo!

Last weekend was my (cough cough...31st) birthday!

I had meant to write this post at the time but it was a long day out and then the week got all crazy busy.... so I figured i'll tell you about it now. As it happens as you read this I will be sitting in the sun as I'm taking a last minute holiday with friends though I will be working for some of it... I have lots of plans for coaching programmes and I'm looking forward to lots of reading and writing up all my notes and ideas! Bring on the inspiration!

Anyway... let's get back to my birthday. May 11th.

I spent it with my family visiting London's Olympic Park. It was a beautiful way to spend the day after what had felt like a reflective couple of days. Birthday's seem have become a bit of a reflective time for me over the last couple of years and that's not always a positive thing since I have a tendency to dwell on things that I feel I'm missing on not having reached where I feel I should have in my life...not that I necessarily know where that place should be!! Frustrating! 

I'm trying hard to be mindful and grateful for all the positives in my life, of which there are so many but I also think that in breaking away from norms, forging your own path and opening your mind to holistic wellness brings these elements of life into acute focus, all these feelings come bubbling up to the surface instead of being brushed under the carpet, much more so than in previous years when I 'plodded' through life, pushing issues to the back of my mind and never truly seeking a higher purpose. 

My biggest moto for life these days is to 'question everything'. It has enriched my life and self development in so many ways but by it's nature is also a huge ladle...stirring the pot that is my world, leaving nothing unturned in it's wake.

As part of my birthday trip I was given a 'challenge' set by my dad...

These are my 5 photos that sum up the day (the 'Silent Sunday' part of this post if you will). The photos were taken on my phone as I wanted to embrace the freedom of not being surrounded by bags and camera kit and sometimes there is something simply so much more spontaneous about capturing a picture that way.

Last my not least the spirit of grow, self development, going against norms and expectation. Embodying the ethos that you will always be as young as you mindset dictates.  I though I would share a silly video with you too.... click on the picture to see my Instagram mini video :-)

How will you be silly today?

I'd love you to join me in other places too!  

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