Mantra for Monday no. 111


I love this video, not simply because of the passional for the universe but because of the simple truths it holds. We have become blind to the wonders around us, our minds simply pass by nature so that we can focus on our ‘priorities’. I’ve got a feeling these priorities may need a gentle kick into touch.

One of the problems for human being is mental habits, once we create a comfort zone we rarely step outside of it. That renders a phenomenon known as ‘hedonic adaptaptation’ overstimulation to the same kind of thing renders it invisible, the brain has mapped it and no longer engages with it. 

How do we hold on to these moments, how do we engage with these meaningful moments of life?

These moments are always there. They are never invisible if we reconfigure our minds to see and appreciate. 

Step out of the mental comfort zone.


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