Mantra for Monday no. 114


This harks back to the idea of giving all you have to the task or the moment, the thought or the experience in hand.

Every day we spend mindless hours multi-tasking our way through life. Our senses muted and burnt out. I'm slowly learning to change, but some days I am just as bad an any one else, maybe even worse... 

...typing away on my laptop with the TV or radio on in the background. Eating lunch whilst flicking through social media or adding the photo of said lunch to Instagram. Going to bed late and getting up early and instead of spending those first few minutes of the day awash with gratitude we reach for our phone not to simply check the time or turn off the alarm, but to see 'what we've missed' overnight.

Instead of listening to others and fully embracing the conversation, we nod and smile and wait for a moment in which we can offer a reply. Not listening for it's own sense of beauty and freedom. Not really hearing what is being said.

We travel a 2 minute journey by car in a perpetual rush... instead of allowing for the 15 minute walk and time spent outside. Time to be on our own or with others. Moving our body, with nature, with the elements.

Our conversations and our emotions are all so often censored and dulled, we know exactly what to expect and the anticipation and our sense of childlike wonder has far faded away in the monotony of predictable daily routine.

Take a step back.

Put down the phone.

Look your companion in the eyes.

Say what it is your heart is feeling.

Breathe deep into your lungs and feel the air rush free.

Make a spontaneous decision once in a while.

Stand outside arms outstretched to the sky.

Observe. Simply observe.

We are alive, and the world around is alive and quietly waiting to celebrate our existence. 


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