DIY 'Body Food' ...The Intro!

Over the last few months I have been becoming more intrigued with natural body products. A recent question put to my Facebook followers indicated that you were interested in more 'body product' posts from me so here you go! P.s feel free to follow my 'body food' board on Pinterest.

You've seen my original body whip here that is still one of my absolute favourite products, one I now regularly make for friends and clients also. Then on Tuesday you saw my body butter bars which were a similar concept but with a different ingredient ratio to create a solid product.

body whip

body whip

body butter bars

body butter bars

It just seems to me that if I am so keen to put good food in my body, it makes sense to also put good food on my body! 

The more I explored body products and the amount of chemicals in commercial products, the more intent I became on finding a way to make all the basics myself. Of course there are some very good natural organic brands which cut many of the chemicals out, but these are often very expensive and since I love the notion of simplicity, the idea of making my own products with a minimal number of 'real food' ingredients and much less cost really appealed to me.

A gift box of products made for a friend with a new baby.

A gift box of products made for a friend with a new baby.

So far I have pretty much mastered these aspects of my body care routine and I will share these with you (and more as I develop them) in a series of 'Body Food' posts over coming weeks...keep a eye out for them!

  • body whip (as per link above)

  • body butter bars (as per link above)

  • face cream

  • face cleanser

  • face masks

  • face toner

  • hair mask

  • bath treatments

  • shower cream

  • toothpaste

  • deodorant (cream version, a spray still eludes me)

I will make an important note that what works well for me, might not necessarily work as well for you, as we each have unique skin types so some experimentation will be necessary on your part, but that is part of the fun in becoming more in tune with your body. Not all of the above products are actual recipes, for example the face cream is simply virgin cold pressed coconut oil which is what I've found works best for me (I have fairly dry skin) but I appreciate that for some people this will feel too greasy. Often it is the approach and method of doing things that are just as important as what the products used are.

One of the final things I still want to master is shampoo and conditioner.  I've been trying the 'no-poo' method now  (using a few different baking soda and vinegar combos) for 2 months... I'm currently battling the awkward transition stage where hair feels heavy and a bit yuk. I promise to write a proper review of that in a couple of weeks or so once my hair has (hopefully) got over that stage. Fingers crossed...this has been the trickiest body product yet but I am determined!! Worst case scenario this will be the one aspect of my routine where a high quality natural brand will have to factor in. That's ok, it's all about exploring the options.

The other two beauty products I am keen to find a recipe for are a spray deodorant- at the moment I only have a cream version, which is great when first out of the shower but not so effective or desirable when you are already a bit sweaty and just need to freshen up midway through the day or after a gym class.  I also want to create sun cream, now we are heading out of summer this is not such a priority for me but will be ready for when next time summer comes around!

I have also dabbled in making my own make up, I don't usually wear a lot of make up anyway, and I think I'll look into this in more detail once I've sussed out the basic body products. For now I try to buy the most natural products I can find.


As a little resource centre for you, here are some great websites I have found myself coming back to again and again during the process of my experimentation over the last few months. Please feel free to share your own resources, recipes and ideas in the comments too!

Wellness Mama (my personal favourite go-to resource I use on many occasions) 

The Happy Skin Diary

Crunchy Betty

The Beauty Bean

The Crunchy Moose

Pioneer Thinking

Obviously another great go-to is Pinterest... I've started a 'body food' board so feel free to follow me! 

One final note!

Please let me know if you want to see more of this kind of thing... my blog has morphed into a 'wellness' hub and not simply focussed on recipes over the last year as I've taking my heath coaching and personal 'self care' to the next level, and whilst this feels right for me I also want to know what you think, what resonates with you and what you want to see more of around here! 


 I'd love you to join me in other places too!  

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