Mantra for Monday no. 119


I've been thinking about the senses a lot recently. 

I find that things have most meaning for me when they are 'felt' in both body and mind. Not simply reading words on a page or watching pictures flickering across a TV screen but truly understood within the heart and mind. 

This is what I seek to do with my coaching... within the coaching experience itself. A space to sound out ideas and express emotions of course, but also to 'taste' new foods, 'create' new recipes, 'share' new experiences, 'listen' to the silence, 'see' the world through fresh eyes. 

True happiness is a feeling. It cannot be summed up with words. In changing your life you need to change your relationship to yourself and with the world around you, and a relationship based on deep feeling will always be the one that lasts the test of time.

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