Mantra for Monday no. 118


As a single lady, someone recently said to me:

"you'll never find a guy who is perfect you know, I think you might need to lower your expectations."

These words were gently spoken and they meant this out of kindness, and though I appreciated the intention it made me think.

I am not seeking perfection.

I also came to the understanding that there is a huge difference between someone being perfect and someone being perfect for you. 

Perfection would be boring, perfection implies that there is nothing greater than can be achieved, no learning, and no growth. 

For me life is all about learning and growth. Life is about discovering who you are every minute, every day every month and every year. Life is not about seeking perfection but in understanding who you are and what makes you come alive. In that process failure is inevitable, failure is what enables us to strive to find our true selves, it allows us to be honest and true and find deep love in the imperfections of those around us.

It is those imperfections, the quirks, the failures, the achievements and the unique identities that ultimately come together to create that perfect whole in both ourselves and others.

For me, a life built through layers of imperfection will be just perfect, thanks.

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