'Sugar Free' - 30 days of top tips!

Today is the last day of 'Sugar Free September! Have you been joining the challenge to go refined sugar free for a whole month?

I've been posting a tip each day for the last 30 days over on my Facebook page... a resource of helpful tips to go sugar free, cut the cravings and keep motivation high!  

As a little thank you for your support, in the next 2 days I'll be sending an ebook compilation of tips and tricks for all my newsletter subscribers. If you are not on my mailing list already...now is you chance! Oh and you get my sugar-free sweets recipe book when you sign up as well- seriously it's no brainer right? ;-)

Sugar can be very sneaky, even if you have the best of intentions it often creeps in and catches us unawares throwing out resolve off kilter. This ‘Month Of Tips’ will help give you a few extra tools in your toolkit. Even if you are still  hesitant to give it a try… why not go sugar free for just one month and then see how you feel. Will you want to go back?

month sugar free cover.jpg

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