Mantra for Monday no. 121


So must truth in this statement. 

With many of my clients, I often hear frustrated statements along the lines of: "I know that I should (insert most appropriate) ...loose weight/stop smoking/get fit/eat more veg/drink more water" and I know how to do it but just can't seem to DO IT!"

I know they are not alone in this. I know because, myself included, experiences this crazy mindset so often in life. It's like your head and your heart are competing with each other. It's a crazy game and can so often lead to exhaustion and disappointment when we feel we are letting ourselves down by not following through with our good intentions.

In my coaching sessions we often talk about the concept of a goal beyond a goal. "I want to loose weight"  Ok, but why?  What will that outcome bring to your life above and beyond the weight loss itself?  This takes the thought process to a whole new level, a deeply personal and long term level creating a total mind shift and ultimately setting the foundations for a new lifestyle.

It't not just about saying the words and acting on them. It simple doesn't work like that for the long term.

It's about understanding, believing and embracing those words with all your being on every level. Once you reach this point, you can master anything and you can create a new way to be.


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