Giveaway!!! Mega health food bundle!

I have an exciting giveaway for you!  I have teamed up with The Real Food Source in compiling my 'Re-Boot' ebook to offer you a giveaway of a huge bundle of their powders and top health foods.

This is so exciting and a huge prize to be won!!

The bundle will contain:

  • hemp pro max 

  • wheatgrass

  • baobab  

  • coconut milk powder

  • cocoa powder

I use their products all the time in my Wholplus range, practically all my recipes and day to day cooking and even in many of my beauty products too!  They are the real deal when it comes to ethically sourced, organic products at super competitive prices.  I have been developing recipes for these guys for around three years now and they are one of the most genuine companies I have had the pleasure of working with.

The bundle is the perfect compliment to the recipes in my book... so you get an idea of the sorts of recipes I have included.  Though it's still great book for giving you a boost regardless... so don't worry if you don't have all of the ingredients. 


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