My meditation… Finding a pause in the day

This is a spontaneous post, I quite like it when it happens. When I say ‘spontaneous’ I mean I’ve literally just got in from a run, have barely caught my breath and am still sweaty ready to jump in the shower …But I’m sitting here writing this while the energy is fresh in my mind. 

I’m going away on holiday tomorrow and so it’s one it was one of those ‘lots-of-bits-and-pieces-to-get done-before-I’m-shutting-down-for-a-week’ kind of days.

It was an absolutely beautiful day. The sky was blue, the sun was out and the crisp winter stillness enveloped everything. Here I was in my bedroom sat by my laptop tapping away, every so often glancing out of the window thinking, I really should be out there… but I’m in here!

Morning soon turned to afternoon and I knew if I didn’t be something about it that the day would slip away without me having really experienced the world.

I haven’t run in quite a long time, I went for a couple of short runs over Christmas and have really wanted to get back into it a little more as for me it's such an amazing form of active meditation.

I'm still finding it hard to get into the meditation in the traditional sense- being in a quiet space, sitting still, eyes closed.... But that’s ok! I figured there is no right way to meditate as long as it is right for me in helping me unwind and gain perspective and mindfulness in my life.

So today, before the sun set, I went out for a run. That was a meditative state in itself, but while running I noticed a couple of things which prompted me to sit down and write to you.

Meditation is simply finding that pause in the day. It can be literally a few seconds, maybe a few times a day that consciously involves you applying the brakes and coming to a mental standstill before moving forward again.

As I was running I came through a gap in the hedge from the fields into a large park area with the path around the edge. On this particular part of my run I could see no one around me, when I woodpecker flew down landed a few metres from my feet. It had me captivated, and for those five or six seconds as it was in my sight is nothing else in the world mattered. In those five or six seconds it occurred to me no one else in this world was experiencing this moment right then, and that felt such a privilege, to be 'allowed' to experience that moment and share the woodpecker's life. That’s all it took and then my mind re-booted and onwards I ran.

Five minutes later, as I came to the edge of the park, a tiny single feather floated down in front of my path and again it captured my attention so all consumingly that I could do nothing but pause and appreciate the moment, the l silent flutter of the feather in the stillness of the cold winter air. I smiled inside and my heart felt warm and fulfilled as I continued on my way.

I think for me, meditation is finding reason to pause within my day. For me, meditation involves movement. When my body is engaged in slow controlled or simple repetitive movement, my mind can be left alone to find the quiet and stillness it deserves. 

Tell me, What is meditation for you?

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