Overwhelm... When you hit the wall

Why is it that when you've had a few amazing weeks, or a run of pretty productive days and you're feeling like things are finally beginning to fall into place on an upward trajectory… Then BAM!!

You hit a wall. 

A wall of overwhelm, or self sabotage, or feeling as though you're going back to square one.

Incredibly frustrating, but let that feeling be comforted knowing you are not alone. I am totally there with you!

This is what happened to me last weekend. I took part in an amazing two-day coaching intensive. I met incredibly inspiring people, got vulnerable, opened my mind, found my voice and really made a contribution. I felt buoyed up and full of life, ready to rock my dreams and begin building on all the things I'd crystallised and created deep clarity around over the previous two days.

This sense of vibrancy is how I went to sleep on Sunday night, yet Monday morning I woke up and hit the wall. 


I have spent some time thinking about this over the last couple of days as I've begun to bring myself back in alignment. I reflected back on a talk I listened to by raw food coach Karen Knowler a few weeks back. She talked about vibrational energy and when you raise yourself up to a new energetic frequency, you need to upgrade your environment to match otherwise you will no longer sit comfortably within your environment and your mind will pull yourself back down to the old vibrational level. 

I totally get that this idea is going to be too ‘woo woo’ for some, and i’ll freely admit that it's taken me a little while to get my head around but I think I'm beginning to understand what she was alluding to.

This is often what happens when we clean up our diets. It's not so much that we are too weak willed to maintain our new healthy habits, it could be simply that our vibrational energy no longer matches that of our surroundings and so therefore we longer comfortably fit on a cellular level.

So there are two potential outcomes- we upgrade our surroundings (by way of stimulus, friends, hobbies etc) to match our new frequency or sooner or later our mind will act to ’tip us off the wagon' to re-align ourselves with where you were before. 

For me this wall of overwhelm touches the idea of higher energy or new vibrational frequency. It also draws a close relationship to the 'clutter' in my mind. The more intense the frequency the most energetic space I need to create for it to do it’s thing. I'm simply not allowing for that at the moment, I have so much going on in my mind and my life (the busy but not necessarily productive conundrum!) that it is too cluttered and I and can be quickly feel claustrophobic, cabin fevered, overwhelmed and not sure what to do in any given moment. So it shuts down to redress the balance. An innate self-preservation tactic I guess.

It's my mind's way of telling me to slow down and create space for more magic.

I had a conversation with a new client last night and we touched on a few of these things which is probably why it’s more present in my mind this morning. We talked about self-care in moments of life when there seems to be so much going on. What is the baseline level of self-care but you could seek to maintain? Wow, this question is powerful for me too. Self care creates space. I'm looking at my baseline level of self-care this morning.

How can you serve yourself most powerfully when you hit the wall? I’d love to have a conversation with you about it.


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