Busyness is laziness


I was listening to an incredibly inspiring interview between Jan Broders and Izzy Arkin just a few moments ago. The interview of itself was 90 minutes long yet this simple phrase and Izzy's thoughts surrounding it pulled my attention... "Busyness is laziness"

How many times do you say yes to things that you should say no to and fail set boundaries. How many times do you get in your own way when you get overwhelmed. How many things are you doing each day to simply fill gaps of time where you should be slowing down and creating space for living your truth.

Empty space is incredibly important. We are often too afraid to simply be with ourselves.

Hell yeah… this is me! 

I hold my hands high in vulnerable acknowledgement. 

For a long time I told myself: ‘I like to be busy’, ‘I can’t sit still’, ‘I always need to be doing something’, ‘I haven’t earnt the right for downtime’.

I kind of wore those phrases like a badge of honour, like something to be proud of. Like DOing more was BEing more.

If you are like me you may have spent so many hours and weeks and months and maybe even years trying to find what it is that resonates most with you deep inside, trying to furiously find your calling in life instead of slowing down and letting it find you. 

This was my life up until a couple of years ago when my calling crept up on me, it was a slow movement and something I didn’t acknowledge and recognise for a long time as it required stepping away from the norm and the rush of everyday living. 

I was too scared to acknowledge it.

Wow... even just saying that right there feels pretty profound to me. 

I’m still a huge work in progress as I really struggle with allowing myself not to be busy. Yet my work requires such huge personal development on a daily basis in order for me to show up most powerfully for my clients. Quite literally the more I do for me, the more I can do for you. This isn’t just isolated to me, to my work as a coach of any of those in the caring and healing industries.

We all have people in our lives to care for and serve and we can only do so most powerfully if we serve ourselves first. 

If your life feels a little bit out of sorts and if you find yourself filling the gaps of time because you are scared of the silence, scared of what might be found within those depths, be courageous... feel the fear and do it anyway. 

I am on my journey and I am there for you to take steps into yours should you feel called to share it with me. 


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