What 2015 shifted within me... and what 2016 has in store!

Day 365… just putting the finishing touches to another chapter. Anticipating the blank fresh page arriving tomorrow.

What has 2015 meant for you? What has it taught you in your life?

For me, it has been a journey of intense inner growth. It wasn’t necessarily planned or anticipated, but I was open to the lessons life had in store. A willing student.

2015 has seen me lean into my edge as never before, step so far of my comfort zone that at times I was overwhelmed with anxiety and could not see a path beyond. For the first time I pushed through those feelings, victorious and hugely proud of my retreat creation. Hugely proud of my first solo trip aboard, hugely proud of my new found friendships and teachers that showed up just when I needed them most, when my heart was ready for them.

Most of all this year has been about magic. Opening up my heart to the possibilities and letting go of the voice of safety in my head. Serving others so powerfully and through them ultimately serving myself. 

Where your focus goes the energy flows, and I have witnessed magic as a snowball… growing ever more powerful as it builds momentum. No longer do I shrug off events as mere coincidences but instead I appreciate and awe at the universe aligning with my intentions, putting me on a path so perfect yet so previously unknown. Intention is everything.

It has be a year of massive spiritual shift for me. I came out from behind my computer screen and began to create physical space for others to experience the power of mind-body connection. I recognised that I was not perfect, but nor did I need to be. I got curious and learnt to question everything and enjoy the journey without needing to understand the destination. I embraced the power of vulnerability and it’s deep connection with allowing others to reveal their vulnerability too. 

This year has clarified and strengthened my offering as a coach. This year has led me to people I would love to work with more and given me a greater understanding for seeing in clients those who are ‘a 10 for me’. Seeing the potential within. That curious spark. I will work with no-one less.

What will 2016 bring? Where will my intentions rest this coming year?

I want to create more magic- magic come from ‘being’ so much more than ‘doing'- being happens much more powerfully when surrounding by others creating a container for that experience.

I now deeply understand the power of ‘experiences’ and will strive to create more of those in as many ways as possible for as many people as possible throughout 2016. I have a few ideas but there is still so much unknown and I trust the universe that what will be is exactly what needs to be.

Above all else, I appreciate your continued support on this journey. It's a journey that is truly never ending and if I have helped serve you in any way at all this year, I would love for you to get in touch and let me know. Let me know how I could better serve you, or if you would like to have a conversation.  When I say I am there for you to help you shift perspective, get curious and live your optimum life, I truly mean it from the bottom of my heart. It is my deep wish that my own journey may, in some small way, resonate with and help inspire yours.

My wish for you in 2016 is that you question everything and always be curious.


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