Mantra for Monday no. 125

It's been a long time since I've written you a Mantra for Monday or Silent Sinday for that matter. I missed those posts and want them back...

I have decided though that the silent Sundays have probably had their day. I love the power of a photo, but don't always have the chance to take beautiful ones I feel worthy to share each week, and instead they can serve as the backdrop to my 'mantras'.

Long live the Mantra for Monday!  I'm aiming to bring these week as a regular weekly feature... watch this space.

I came across this verse by  extracted on Instagram and each one of these words resonated to the heart of me.  I hope you enjoy them too. 

After note (because lots of people were asking where they came from!) I found these words on the Instagram account by @roadtoeverywhere and because there was a John Steinbeck book in the background (East of Eden) I assumed they had been extracted from him. But I haven't been able to track them down on google... so maybe there were written by Carina herself, the lady behind the account.  I asked but I still don't know for sure. Whoever write this words... they remain beautiful! 


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