Mantra for Monday no. 127


I have been working around the theme of ‘permission' recently. It's come up time and time again in my coaching sessions with clients and has given rise to such rich discoveries for both of us.

Permission is such a powerful concept and something very much undervalued in our everyday life. The idea of giving permission permeates every aspect of our lives, it is instilled from childhood and reinforced by society.

Permission is imbued with a deep sense of authority, as if it always has to be sought from someone outside of and above ourselves. That's not the case. Understanding and giving yourself permission to think and feel in ways that stay true to you is a huge step in the journey to finding ourselves and in nurturing and healing our minds.

The notion that it’s ok be wrong, to be ourselves and at times be selfish is so often seen as an unacceptable mindset. Yet in giving ourselves permission in this way, we allow ourselves to manifest most powerfully in the world, which then serves those around us more powerfully as a result.

By giving yourself permission you remove the guilt, the fear of failure and the sense of expectation. In giving permission you remove the negative associations yet intensify your energy on the positive experiences.

We allow ourselves to explore dream and discover with an enlightened curiosity, through going permission, there is no failure but only lessons to be learned and shared.

Dream and give yourself permission to envision a 'You' that you choose to be.

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