Mantra for Monday no. 126


You know sometimes a quote brings tears to the corners of your eyes and makes your throat tighten a little as the words filter across you mind... yep, for me this is one of them.

The lyricism, the gentle push out in to the unknown the spirit if engaging us to question everything, yet still offering that safe cocoon if it were all to go wrong.

We play it safe all to often. Scared of letting ourselves and others down, willing to live in the comfort of not pushing boundaries yet constantly quietening that little voice longing for more.  That little voice longing you to throw away preconceived ideas, the worries, tick lists, other people wishes....the would's, could's and should's.

Ask yourself truly, what is the very worst that can happen? Then take that consequence and find a solution.... then look up to the sky and allow the breeze to catch your wings.

You won't fall the universe is always ready to catch you.

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