Easiest sugar-free date and ginger cookies

I try not to talk too much about Wholeplus on here (otherwise this blog becomes a sales pitch which is exactly the opposite of what I want it to be!), but it's sometimes hard because it's such a huge part of my life and I am passionate about my little flourishing business! I am always experimenting with ways to use my Toppers in recipes (other than porridge sprinkles) and so now I share them over on my new Wholeplus Instagram account... yay! Feel free to follow!

HOWEVER... you don't need my goodies to make these treats... you can make a similar version yourself by blitzing up some dates in a food processor with some spices or cocoa and a healthy sweet sprinkle topping is all yours. It's best to use the softer medjool dates unless you have a super high powered food processor (i've learnt from experience it's very easy to burn out the motors using hard dates!)

I recently designed myself some flyers with lots of recipe ideas for inspiration and I want to show them off here, so I will... here's the reverse :-)

The general philosophy behind my Toppers range is a flavoursome sweet sprinkle to substitute  refined sugar in recipes... such as desserts, porridge, crumbles and cookies.

One of my favourite cookie recipes yet is so simple and I wanted to share it here for you. For this recipe you don't even have to blitz the dates prior... just add all the ingredients in to the processor together! You can bake the cookies but the mixture is also delicious raw so you could simply serve raw cookies or balls and keep them in the fridge.

I simply called these 'ginger cookies' as I used my Gingerbread Topper but just use what ever spices or extracts you prefer for alternative flavours!

Unbaked cookie dough  (photo is from my phone as I didn't plan to present these as a blog post originally)

Unbaked cookie dough  (photo is from my phone as I didn't plan to present these as a blog post originally)

Recipe: Easiest date and ginger cookies


  • 170g tub gingerbread toppers (or substitute 100g whole soft dates plus flavours of choice)
  • 170g ground oats or ground almonds (both work well)
  • Up to 1/4 cup water (probably not necessary if using stickier medjool dates)


Add everything to a food processor and blitz well until fine. Add a little water if needed until the mix is sticky. Roll the mixture into a fat log (cookie diameter) then chill until firm.

Slice into 10mm thick rounds and bake for about 10 minutes at 180C or simply roll into balls and eat them raw.

Easy peasy!!

Here are some other 'Toppers' inspirations from my Instagram account... for if you do buy some or make your own version.

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