Behind the scenes... and in my head!

When I post recipes, there is always so much time and effort that goes into each one. First I research the recipe, then I draft up my own version of the recipe from various resources, then I test that recipe (and hopefully it works first time but often it doesn't). Then I have to grab my props and shoot the recipe, edit the photos, then finally write the recipe up into the form of the blog post you get to see. Thats not to mention all the social media so that I can hope to inspire any many of you as possible.

There's a lot that goes on behind-the-scenes.

My mind never stops turning, often running off at random tangents- it is both a blessing and a curse! In everyday life I have so many ideas that and conversations that never make it on to paper (so to speak). Not because they aren't worthy, but simply because I over-estimate and over-analyse the amount of effort it takes to grab an idea from the realms of my mind or from an enthusiastic, animated conversation with a friend or client, and then document it on paper, or as in the case of my blog, in a post. Sometimes quick and simple is best.

Not everything in life need to be slick and polished. I want to show up for you as ME. As raw and vulnerable as possible, and I want you to feel that you can show up here as YOU.  

I want to hear your experiences, you stories, your quirks and your imperfections and in return I'll offer you mine. 

From now on I'm going to empty the contents of my mind a little more frequently for you all. Raw   and unpolished as notes jotted fresh from thought. I hope you're cool with that. I'll still be throwing in plenty of recipes, but since I am a health coach, a life coach and to a large great extent 'an agent of change and transformation' (sorry, I had to throw that in after I heard it in my course lecture recently!) ha ha, I want you all to be in on that.

I often say that my mantra is to 'Question Everything'. This is the philosophy I (try to) embody in my life and my business... yet I feel I haven't been showing up in that way for you. I need to get my mind on paper, so i'm gonna give it my best shot.


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