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Salted peanut butter glaze (on chocolate balls) ...keto friendly!

This is a crazy simple recipe.. and accidental one if I'm honest!

I made some raw chocolate balls and felt they needed pepping up a bit. They probably didn't really but because I make so many of these types of snacks for people I felt the need to 'add' something to this batch. I was also in the midst of a nut butter craving at the time! :-)

Enter the salted peanut butter glaze! 

This would also make a great drizzle topping over a loaf, a cake or ice cream!! Raw treats that are served chilled or cold are best as the nature of the cocoa butter is that it needs to be cool to form the glaze.

I made a batch of these nutty truffle balls for a friend, but since the glaze itself if totally keto friendly, you could by all means make these keto choc hemp bites into balls and dip them in this glaze for another twist.

Recipe: Salted peanut butter glaze

Makes approx 1/3 cup of glaze


  • 3 tbs cocoa butter
  • 3 tbs peanut butter (smooth or crunchy) 
  • large pinch sea salt (less if PB is salted or to taste)
  • 3-4 drops stevia for a slight sweetness


Melty the cocoa butter then stir through peanut butter and stevia until melty and well mixed. 

Ensure the glaze is fairly cool and starting to thicken before dipping or drizzling to get the thickest coverage. Chill the balls to set the glaze firmly and then best keep chilled (or frozen) to prevent potential softening.

Note: you could also use other nut butters of choice... roasted hazelnut or almond would be amazing!

 Raw cocoa butter... love this stuff! I ground up a large chunk and then melted it (quicker too melt down that way)

Raw cocoa butter... love this stuff! I ground up a large chunk and then melted it (quicker too melt down that way)

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