Mantra for Monday no. 131


This is such a powerful truth for me. 

There are so many ways to manifest 'power'...

  • knowledge is power
  • strength is power
  • confidence is power
  • winning is power
  • trying is power
  • failing is power

Power is a personal understanding and deeper mental association. Regardless of your take on things one thing remains true... we ALL have power within us BUT so many of us fail so see it, to believe in it and to use it.

I have been reading a lot of coaching books and articles on the subject of self development through the eyes of both coach and client. One of my coaching 'idols' is Rich Litvin who said in an workshop he was taking:

"A powerful coach is a place to come from and not to. It’s not out there, it’s in here!"

Wow... those were powerful words for me. They made me think back to the quote above and I realised those words were not just applicable to me as a coach but to everybody around me making their own way in this world.

We always look to the outside world for answers and validation, often causing inner conflict and self doubt in the process. Our intuition is always right there ready to serve us, if only we'd listen. That's our start point and our place to come from. The power lives inside you all along.

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