Mantra for Monday no. 132


I’ve been enjoying some down time these last couple of weeks.

The sun was in the sky and my work flow had unexpectedly reached a natural lull, so it was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the situation.

Except I couldn’t…. not initially anyway.  As much as I wanted to lay back on the grass and simply relax, I found myself getting anxious and then immediately frustrated at myself for feeling that way about a situation many people would be so envious of.

Lack of structure and a feeling of not having ‘earned’ the chance to switch off (yeah I know that’s crazy!) threatened to overwhelm me, and for a few days I struggled to keep that feeling at bay. That was until I decided to simply and consciously go with the flow, embrace it and honour it, allow the ever changing landscape knowing that a few weeks down the line things would become crazy busy once again. A beautiful rhythm.

Though unstructured, these waves of ebb and flow are inherently part of my creating a life away from the 9-5, a life on my own terms and with my own agenda. These waves of ebb and flow- this rhythm of my life- keeps me on my toes, my mind nourished and my creativity full to the brim.

This lull gave me the chance to experiment with being ok to have no agenda when I woke in the morning having little concept of when my next source of income would arise. Instead I got curious in that soft stillness as I lay on a blanket in the park in the middle of the day quietly observing the passers by rushing too and fro in their own little world. 

Sometimes it takes a change in direction, both the ebb and the flow, to truly appreciate the rhythm of life itself and respond like the echo.


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