The Easiest Easter egg nests- sugar free and gluten free!

This nest recipe is my favourite chocolate experiment over the last few weeks and the macadamia 'eggs' with the golden hue from the oven look absolutely perfect. A fantastic twist on regular chocolate mini eggs! Ingenious (if I do say so myself!)

This was another recipe created for Real Food Source using their ingredient range. I have since made these nests as gifts from friends and true to my typical curious nature- I never make things the same ways twice.  You'll find the original recipe here at Real Food Source. But I also had great success swapping the dark chocolate for cocoa power, 1/4 cup nut butter (PB, almond, cashew) and syrup of choice (maple, agave brown rice syrup and date syrup) with a little pure stevia for an extra sweetness boost- just have a play and taste the raw batter until you hit your preferred sweet spot! (best excuse ever to eat a raw cookie mix!!). I also subbed half the ground almonds for desiccated coconut too which worked a treat.  

The nests themselves couldn't be easier to mix up. With just a handful of ingredients and packed full of good fats, these little bites are rich and dense with just the right amount of moisture. Like a brownie bite and totally delicious. 


It's totally flexible mix- so easy you can't go wrong! Bake them until just cooked for a lovely moist fudginess. Mmmmmm....

Get the original recipe here at Real Food Source!