Mantra for Monday no. 129


This is the first time I have written a blog post and published it directly from my phone. I'm away on holiday, away from my laptop with just this small screen (and my tapping thumb) for connectivity. Trying something new seemed appropriate given my current mindset!

Sitting here in the sunshine after a day of indulgence, I find myself reflecting.  

Regardless of religion or spirituality, Easter marks a new beginning. There is no escaping this.

The clocks have changed, the evenings are lighter and our minds are lifted. Spring has always marked a period of transition and change. Of stretch and growth.

Those ideas and goals incubated over the winter months have their chance to come alive. The universe is here to lift you up and support you as you take those steps out of your cocoon.  

This is your time to chase your dreams.

To flourish and bloom. 

The magical time of new beginnings is upon us and for those who want to take that leap, always know I am hear for you... To believe in you.

Start something new.


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