Fathers day... top last minute recipe roundup.. and top gifting recipe!

Tomorrow it's Father's Day, and to celebrate I wanted to offer you a little recipe round up.

Ok, so we've only got a little time left so here you have a selection of filling, super speedy, easy vegan recipes to please any man in your life.

Two years ago I made my dad this lunch spread with stuff potato skins, boston beans, grilled mushrooms and cheesy mash... so good! (here are the recipes) So this year I asked him to pick his top two favourites from the blog for me to include here along with my pick!

My dad's two favourites were:

My sweet potato curry... an oldie but a classic! AND sweetcorn fritters...which haven't actually gone on the blog yet... they got a lot of love over on Instagram last week and I will be posting the recipe next week... so watch out!

Here's my pick... you have a breakfast, couple of main meals and sides plus dessert. Now you are good to go! :-) 

For breakfast..... 

Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Porridge (and the fudge itself is amazing) ...For some reason when I think of dad's I think of peanut butter... no idea why, cos many of the ladies in my life (me encoded) love PB, but anyway... make this!

Main dishes and sides...

Sweet Potato Rostis... I know you've seen quite a lot of these recently as thy were featured in Thrive Magazine. But they are in my mind right now and a real crowd pleaser for all the family.

Celeriac Fries.... Great accompaniment to any meal and a great twist on regular or sweet potato fries. Serve with some indulgent dips or sauces...Mmmmmm. 

Red pepper ranch dressing... This makes a great hearty sauce over a side salad, or even try using in conjunction with the sloppy joes below!

Lentil Sloppy Joes.... great flavours and textures with a cheesy drizzle on top. You could make a thick cashew cheese or even the raw smoky ranch dressing which could be a great alternative! 

For dessert...

Triple chocolate banana pancakes.... just because Triple. Chocolate. Banana. Pancakes. 

A dad worthy dessert if ever I saw one!

Bonus recipe... to give as a gift?

It has to be these nutty choc truffles... still the most popular gifting treat yet! No bake and so simple. Drizzled in chocolate and if you like any other toppings to your hearts content. 

Make them right now... and try not eat all the mix yourself in the process...

Have you got a favourite recipe from my blog that you find yourself making often?  

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