I thought you were perfect

I met up with some friends for lunch today and randomly we started talking about trips to the dentist, at which point I said (a little sheepishly) "oh I'm really bad at not flossing".

One of my friends immediately turned to me and said; "I'm so glad you do said that, I always saw you as being perfect as if you didn't ever do anything wrong". She then asked; "Do you ever have days you fall off the wagon or do something that you know you shouldn't?"

Of course!! 

I may well have the title health and wellness crusader in my email signature but I'm only human- and to be quite honest sometimes a crap one at that!

I fall down on the simple things. Like we all do. 

I forget to floss my teeth. I'll turn a blind eye to dust to avoid cleaning or hoovering for another few days, I often don't make my sauces and dips from scratch, I eat dark chocolate until it makes me feel sick from time to time, I'll attack the peanut butter jar with a tablespoon if the mood catches me. I'm nearly always 3 minutes late for appointments. I stand in front of the fridge waiting for interesting things to materialise to put off getting on with real work EVERY DAY! 

Yeah, I drink a litre of lemon water every morning, I eat tons and tons of veggies, I train hard at the gym... These things make me happy, they are part of my routine, they make my little world go round. 

But I'm not perfect, I fall off the wagon time and time again. 

I am like you. I get it. I embrace my imperfections as I embrace yours but more than that I respect your perseverance and determination of stepping up and carrying on. Recognising that it's all a learning curve, that life is a game and a chance to live curiously, by trying a different approach, asking different questions...

When I work with my clients I walk by their side. We might have a hysterical laughing fit about being late or about peanut butter or cupcakes. First getting comfortable with it, bringing it fully into consciousness and getting rid of the fear or shame. THEN tackling it head on with curiosity. 

A perfect life. How boring is that.

Embrace the imperfections and know that I'm right there with you.



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