Jump, Fly...

When I work with clients my only fundamental is we both show up from a space of deep honesty and vulnerability. 100%. 

It’s where all the magic happens, it’s where all the deep shifts take place.

So right here, right now, I’m gonna get vulnerable with you.

My week long Wellness Retreat is happening in Lanzarote on 28th November. I’m incredibly excited as I know in my heart that it will be a truly transformational experience for the ten people who join me.

I am also terrified. 

Creating this retreat is pushing me to the absolute limits of my comfort zone. I love helping and serving people, but I also play it safe and hide behind my computer screen all to often. I want to reach out to you all personally on a deep level, each an every one of you, but I don’t know where to start. I don’t know how to get across the passion that I have for this retreat and to help you see the power it could hold for you if you are at that point of questioning in your life journey.

As I sat in my overwhelm this morning (eating a tonne dark chocolate as it happened!), I reached out to a powerful coaching community and was encouraged to listen to the words of ‘Jump’ by Gary Barlow. Really listen. So I did. Twice.

It rang so true for me, BUT I also think it rings deeply true for you in your lives too. 

Whether you are curious about my retreat or not… please take four minutes out of your day today (right now if you can) to listen to the words and make a little magic happen today.

I am also now asking you to HELP ME HELP YOU…

I would love to powerfully serve you through a coaching conversation. We don’t have to talk about my retreat unless of course you want to. This is about YOU and what could most deeply serve you at this very point in your life.

I want to ask, how can I best support you in taking that ‘Jump’?

Lets set up a time to speak… phone, Skype, FaceTime… it doesn’t matter. I simple want to connect. No expectations.

Don’t hesitate. Don’t over analyse.
Ping me an email and let's do this!

But first… just listen to 'Jump'!

Now I'm out of my funk, I'm off to read some books and chill out with my family.
Loving you always,


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