Big juicing news and review... plus Apple Pie in a glass!

Today I have a new recipe alongside some exciting news about a little project i’ve been involved with behind the scenes these last couple of weeks.

It’s all about juicing!!

Those who have been long time readers may know I go back and forth when it comes to my thoughts on juicing... 

Are smoothies or juices better?

Do we really need to cleanse or detox?

What about the fibre?

Are juices too high in sugar?

What about the ‘wasted’ pulp?

These thoughts have gone round and round in my mind for sometime. But when it comes down to it i’ll be honest with you….. I DO think there is a valid place for BOTH smoothies and juices depending on your bodies needs at a particular moment in time BUT for me it often comes down to practicality day to day. I have always found smoothies much easier to blend up and clean up. Plus I like bulk freezing smoothies in thick portions to defrost and dilute with water in the go. 

That’s it the cold hard truth… I’m a smoothie girl largely because I am lazy, ha ha!

So, when I was approached by Thrive Magazine (who I regularly write for) a few weeks ago asking if i’d be interesting in testing a new juicer, I was curious. Indeed, my initial questions in response to the original email were: 

Is it a slow juicer?   

Is it compact for a worktop?  

Is it very easy to clean? 

I knew that if it didn’t sit neatly on my worktop and wasn’t a quick clean it simply wouldn’t get used. I know this for a fact as for sometime I have had the privilege of using the super duper Tribest Green Star Elite twin gear cold press juicer… BUT (and it’s a big one) it doesn’t matter how amazing the juice produced is if the juicer simply sits unused in the garage most of the time. The best juicer is the one you actually use!  The fact that the Juico juicer is a slow juicer (as opposed to a centrifugal type which typically yields less juice and nutritional value) was of course a huge bonus!

The answers to my questions came back YES, YES, YES…. so I was in!

Here’s the details…. I was sent a Juico Uno juicer to trial thoroughly- producing recipes, photos and videos and a review (you are reading it!) and in return for my efforts I got to keep it! So just to be clear, by that I mean I was gifted this juicer in return for my time and efforts BUT please let me be clear that this review is absolutely my own words, thoughts and feelings throughout!

You can check out my mini video having a look around Juico Uno.

(P.s this is my first time making 'in action' videos in my kitchen so they might be a bit cringey, ha ha!)

The other reason I was keen to trial this juicer was that I am always getting asked by friends and clients for juicer recommendations and up until now I have never really been able to give any since I didn’t have personal experience of a high quality yet budget friendly juicer. The Tribest juicer I have used previously is undoubtedly fantastic, but is something I would consider more of a commercial machine or for those who juice constantly and dedicate a large part of their diet and lifestyle (and kitchen space) to juicing.

The Juico Uno juicer really is for everyone. 

At a price point of under £300 (currently much less as it's on sale as I write this post) it is incredibly good value for a cold press juicer. (This blog post by Kris Carr is useful to understand the differences between juicer types). Plus at around 15cm circumference and a height of around 45cm (it fits nicely on the work top under the upper cabinets) and the fact that it’s easy to clean is in a winner in all respects that were important to me.

Any negatives?

Not really- though it took me a while to figure out how to dismantle it. It's not hard but seemed quite stiff and needed a fair wriggle to take the main section off the base. (you can see all the parts in this video though I didn't take it apart there). The pulp is wetter that the very high end juicers, (but dryer than centrifugal juicers) but when you take price point into consideration this is not something I’d mark down as being a negative. 

Phew…. at last I can give a genuine recommendation. In fact there is a little discount code for you at the bottom of this post if you are at all interested.

So… will I continue to juice?  Absolutely, though probably not every single day as it's not part of my routine. I still like smoothies after all. :-)

Even if it was just for the ginger juicing alone it’s worth it’s value in my eyes. (video here on why I juice ginger- it was the first time I actually used the juicer and I got white excited!) 

I enjoy both smoothies and juices and feel they both have a place in a healthy wholefood diet. Juices are perfect for times when you want to give your digestive system a little rest or re-boot or simply for a change of texture. Whereas I drink green smoothies day to day as more of a light meal replacement or snack. 

As with smoothies, I tend to focus on packing in the veggies as much as I can to balance sugars. That said, this little recipe below gives a super sweet kick…. it’s like dessert in a glass! Yum

You can check out the video of the juicer in action creating this juice below...

(Stay tuned for another juicer recipe on the blog shortly….. it’s a quirky concept and if you are a juicing fan you definitely won’t want to miss it!)


Recipe: Apple Pie Juice

Serves 1


  • 2 fist sized sweet potatoes
  • 2 apples
  • 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon (to taste)


Wash the sweet potatoes and apples thoroughly but no need to peel or core (unless the sweet potato had very rough chunks to cut off). Cut all into the skinny pieces and juice them together.

Stir through the ground cinnamon into the jug of juice or pour juice into a glass and sprinkle the cinnamon over the foam on top.

I was gifted this juicer in return for my time and efforts BUT please let me be clear this review is absolutely ALL my own words, thoughts and feelings throughout!

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