My Lanzarote Wellness Immersion Retreat is here!

Did you see it!  

Did you see it?

My Lanzarote Wellness Immersion Retreat is here. Yay! Whoop whoop!

It has it's own dedicated page with all the details. I am so excited to share it and so please forgive me if it pops up in conversations quite a lot in coming weeks.... literally everything in my head is geared toward it at the moment.

True story... when I was in Lanzarote last week and my co-host Daniel and I had just secured the villa. I was dancing around his kitchen exclaiming 'yay, now I can develop loads of awesome recipes for the retreat' at which he laughed at me and said 'Jo we need to actually fill the spaces first'. Oh yeah, I guess there is that! 


I won't go on about it too much now as you can read all about it here but I just want to leave you with my little poster I have just been crafting. It was exactly one week ago today I was standing by the that poolside of the villa in the photo! :-)

Please, please get in touch if you are curious to know more and want to chat about it, or just chat about anything heath and wellness related... i'm always here for you!

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