Lists... are they serving you?

(p.s this isn't even a 'bad' example... you should see some of the other pages in this book!)

(p.s this isn't even a 'bad' example... you should see some of the other pages in this book!)

I was sitting having a quiet few moments in the sunshine after my lunch and my notepad lying open on the arm of the chair caught my eye, I had to smile to myself because sometimes I can be a bit ridiculous.

I'm all about practising what I preach, but more than that I'm all about vulnerability. There are some parts of my life where I pretty much suck. Learning to slow down and create proper 'me' time is one of them (though I am slowly but surely getting better!)

I'm one of those people who make lists, but my lists are never-ending. I add new things more quickly than I can complete them, I constantly bump things to the following day or the following week (or the following month) and I get a little bit OCD with my pencil, ticking things, circling things and crossing things... filling up notebooks at an alarming rate. I nearly always have my notebook by my side and I have a tendency to create an internal anxiety with how much I 'still have to do'. 

Yes I'll admit I am one of those people who does something not on the list and then retrospectively adds it to the list simply to tick it off and feel a moment of smug satisfaction (don't pretend you haven't done that too!)

Don't get me wrong, lists can be a great tool. They can create a sense of objectiveness, a sense of structure and they can be a useful method in day to day productivity BUT they can also be a source of anxiety and of overwhelm and a trigger for fears of 'never being enough'… if you are a bit of a perfectionist like me then my guess is that you tend towards the latter too. Something to consider maybe.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on your own relationship to lists.. and any tips or tricks that have helped you in your own life!

I don't have all the answers. But I can create an environment for you to explore the habits in your life that can be at times destructive, or that simply do not serve you in reaching your greater goals or your potential, and know I'm always here when that time feels right for you. 


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