Give the middle finger to 'Blue Monday'!

This time of year we are surrounded by negative thoughts and statements from colleagues, friends, family and the media... January blues, Christmas debt, failed new years resolutions, ages until the next holiday, the cold wet winter weather... and it goes on... and on...

"Where focus goes the energy flows"

If we succumbed to those thoughts and theories and the negative energies in our immediate environment, then we will create that reality. There is nothing different about this Monday than any other Monday of this year. There is nothing wrong with Monday's at all!

It's a pet hate of mine to hear talk of the 'Monday blues' as this only serves to create exactly that! Even on days you maybe feel it, don't feed those thoughts- focus on a positive. Those of us who see Monday as a clean slate, a exciting blank page in which anything is possible, in which to create a magical life... also tend to live into that reality.

Something to consider, don't you think?

It may be useful to know that Blue Monday (the 3rd Monday in January) was in fact created in 2005 by a British holiday company. However, while it had no basis in science, the idea caught on, and now many of us have come to dread it.

A self perpetuating cycle. Break the cycle!

I'd love to talk to you about Monday's and all days, and more importantly how you can create shifts to create the life you dream of. Now go make your 'Blue Monday' multicoloured with pink and yellow polka dots, kaleidoscopic, green stripes or orange zig zags!

Go and make something magical today and give the middle finger to 'Blue Monday'!


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