Labels... Make your own and wear them with pride!

The 'labels' we apply within our lives are a funny thing. Very are useful in some scenarios yet very detrimental in others.

From a practical point of view labels create containers and compartments to help streamline and speed up processes. They help our lives run on autopilot and we can slot ourselves into where we think we fit within the bigger picture without expending much mental energy.

Yet, by the same token, these labels can be to our huge detriment. We often try to define ourselves by a label instead of digging a little deeper to create our own description. Fitting ourselves into a generic space that simply doesn't work, a default setting that doesn't fit our true nature and will rub up against the edges and cause friction in our minds over time. When you pair this right back to the smaller, subtle decisions that have meaning for you on a daily basis this often becomes more apparent.

When it comes to food and dietary choices, something we all deal with both consciously and subconsciously every single day, there are labels all around us.... both self imposed and society inflicted...

VEGAN, PLANT BASED, CLEAN EATING, CHEAT MEALS, DIET, BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER, are those that immediately spring to mind in and around my own world....

I have been running a 'Veganuary' Facebook group (that I plan to continue so feel free to join) for those experimenting with a vegan lifestyle for the month of January, and now as we come to the end of the month I take time to reflect as I look ahead with curiosity to the next steps to be made by my group members.


Take the pressure off having to be 100%, from having to conform to someone else's viewpoint, from having to explain yourself when your decisions do not accord with another's expectation of said label, from needing to fit a box, allow space to changing your mind and your honour your needs from one day to the next.

When it comes to 'breakfast', 'lunch' and 'dinner'... I often think these are the most detrimental labels of all. These are so deeply embedded. We all know that it varies widely with some people functioning better on two big meals and yet for others it's six smaller ones... that does not fit a label and nor should it have to.

I eat porridge for 'lunch' on a near daily basis... so what?

I often don't eat 'breakfast' until nearly midday... so what?

Strip back the labels to the essence of what lies beneath and explore that. Take what fits for you and leave behind what does not. Own your labels do not become a victim to them.

Step into life on your own terms. Fully and completely.


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