There are many good people in this world...


An observation has come to my mind time and time again in recent weeks and so I wanted to share here, partly to understand my own thought processes and also because I'm curious to hear what you think...

Like many other people I get drawn into clicking on the various viral videos that pop up on my wall, and then (against better judgement and usually in an act of procrastination) I often get sucked into reading through the hundreds of comments left by others. One big thing has stuck out to me across the board in recent months is the statement...

"There are still some good people left in this world"

I find these words make me sad. An inner conflict that makes me feel joyous that yes indeed there are beautiful people BUT simultaneously sad that for emotion in reading between the lines is that this is a rarity, something of a surprise, unexpected, unusual, not the norm... 

It is NOT such a rarity and nor should it be seen to be. By saying, "there are still some good people left in this world" it reinforces the view that this is not the norm, sidelining those people as special or martyrly, as if we are not capable in ourselves. Stating 'left' in this world creates scarcity as if we are going to run out of them, as if a special breed we cannot reproduce. It reduces belief in the future of the human population, instead of nurturing that belief and creating a deeper sense of one-ness and unity. This makes me sad.

I am well aware that there are huge atrocities occurring throughout the world, and yes, I am well aware that are some individuals who have committed horrific acts. But I truly believe the majority of people are innately good, seeking to help, to please and put others before themselves in small and subtle ways each and every day. More than that, many people in my world here on Facebook inspire me daily by their own contributions that seek to redress this balance and continue to do so. To give and to serve. Every. Single. Day.

Maybe we simple need a reminder, a reframe and refocus. 

Maybe it should instead simply read as this:

"There are many good people in this world"

Then go out there and live your life as one of them.

Much love, 


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