Illness = Productiveness

Last weekend I attended an amazing 'Create the Extraordinary' Coaching Workshop with a small group of powerful coaches in Leeds.  I have much more to share on that, and that will come over the next few days, but first an unexpected reason to share...

It's quite a crazy thing and also a profound realisation that even though for this entire last week I have been the most ill I have felt in over a decade (horrible flu type thing), these last few days since I've been home from Leeds have actually been some of the most productive i've ever had in recent months. 

Why is this? I sat with that thought feeling pretty bemused for a time and then it dawned on me... 

Even though I feel ill, I'm actually finding such clarity of mind because I have literally no energy to expend on anything other than what most needs doing. It's incredibly enlightening in understanding how I usually operate in such a huge 'energy leaking’ way.

I have written my to do list for each day, I have kept these more realistic and managable and to my great surprise I literally ticked all the tasks off one by one. No procrastination, no overthinking, no distracting myself making recipes in the kitchen... Ok, there may have been a little Facebook scrolling involved from time to time, but that's such a modest distraction in my day compared to usual ridiculous methods I create to sabotage myself!

Illness creates a massive prioritisation of energy. This made me see so clearly where my energy expenditure otherwise lies when I have plenty to channel into all my projects with plenty to spare. I've hugely appreciate this opportunity of illness to shed such a blinding light on my habits and patterns where I'd never had such clear context around before. 

Of course it will be better if I felt 100% ...the test will be to see if I can maintain this level of focus once I'm back to my usual healthy happy self! ;-)

Everywhere in life there is always joy, gratitude and plenty of lessons to be learned!

What have times of illness taught you about your life?


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