Instead of shutting down to your own limitations, open up to curiosity.


This speech by Chelsea Dinsmore of Live Your Legend really moved me. Eighteen months ago her husband Scott- founder of LYL, was killed in a freak accident by a boulder whilst they were both climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. The news rocked me surprisingly hard as I had been a close follower of LYL as I made my own huge life transitions beginning back in 2012.

Watching her strength bloom this last 18 months has been so inspiring. Maybe it's the affinity I had with the blog from my early days, maybe it's her energy, her passion and curiosity for life, or the fact she is the same age as me.

Or maybe it's none of those things.

This is a 25 minute speech given by Chelsea at the World Domination Summit in 2016. It's very worthy of your time.


These are my takeaways...

"If you stay endlessly curious, it inspires you to get creative. It forces you to figure it out even when you don’t know how.  And when you’re able to pair that curiosity with a meaning greater than your own, that is when you become limitless."


"When you spend your time doing the things that you love you give a gift to those that receive it."


 "when you question not WHAT you can do, but WHY it's important to you, the HOW reveals itself" 



If you were able to let go of your limitations and open up to curiosity what could you create in your life?

Loving you, and creating space for you to embrace your journey. Always