How do you practice 'me' time... try Thai Yoga Massage?

I have been thinking a lot about self-care recently. My 'me' time most often consists of being active. Being immersed in a sweaty gym class, out for a long walk across the fields, yoga or lifting heavy weights in my PT sessions. All this activity takes its toll in the body, regardless of how 'balanced' the various activities may be. I realised last year that my 'me' time was not the same as self-care, and that this needed addressing.

(I have actually have no idea why I am striking this ridiculous pose whilst out for a walk in the woods!)

(I have actually have no idea why I am striking this ridiculous pose whilst out for a walk in the woods!)

Do I prioritise enough 'me' time? Or maybe more importantly, I then re-framed this question- do I tune into my body and create space for optimising how I feel and function?

I love having massages and have seen various wonderful massage therapists (as well as osteopaths and chiropractors) over the years whether it be purely for pleasure or as a remedial effort. I realised I needed to honour this more consistently in ensuring my body is optimised.

A couple of years ago I met Ana Benedict- the thai massage therapist at 'Thai Yoga Massage'We connected over our mutual love of health, vegan food and overall outlook on life.

What I love about Thai massage, and the reason I keep going back, is that it feels almost like a cross between massage and physio- both pleasurable and remedial! All the benefits of massage with the peace of mind that my entire body has had an MOT and any areas of tightness or potential issue have been dealt with.  

I also love that I feel chilled out but fully alert throughout. It means I can have wonderful conversations and absorb the brilliant insights Ana shares- and there are a lot of them! As someone that has worked with a lot of coaches in the past, this feels as good as many coaching sessions, with space to simply 'be' and share what's on my mind without judgement. This is a gift Ana has and for me the entire experience is priceless because of it.

As well as massage, Ana also holds qualifications in cognitive hypnotherapy, NLP (Master Practitioner level) and Reiki (teacher level), and has completed additional training in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) you really do get a lot more than a massage.

Thailand and Thai massage is also dear to me as my sister is living out there at the moment, and I have always had a deep affinity with the principles of the Buddhist culture. Here's a funny story- when I visited my sister in Thailand for a month last year, I stopped in Chaing Mai city for one final time before heading to the airport to fly home. I had two hours to kill so decided to treat myself to my one final massage. When you lay down to begin, the masseurs will often ask in broken english something like 'how strong?'. Well I do love a good hard massage given the choice so I said 'strong please' then adding 'I do like it very strong' (thinking why not make the most of it as I wont be here any longer). Oh my gosh, it was the most eye watering experience EVER... at the end of 90 minutes she was literally holding on the rails of the curtained off cubicle and trampling over my back as it she was making wine! But I tell you what... I felt amazing afterwards ;-) 

In case you are worried reading that... Ana is nothing like that, she is incredibly intuitive and I never have to say a word and it is always just right.

Here we are a few weeks ago at the end of a session. :-)

So, what actually is Thai Yoga Massage?

As taken from Ana's website:  

"Thai Yoga Massage dates back more than 2,500 years and differs from other forms of massage in that no oils are used and the client remains fully clothed. Treatments are also given on a floor mat or futon as opposed to a massage couch.

Acupressure and stretches are used to release tension and encourage healthy energy flow in the body. In addition to the traditional techniques, Ana draws upon her training in sports and remedial massage to further maximise the benefits.

The result is an invigorating ‘workout’ of the soft tissues and joints. Think of it as the yoga class where someone else does the work for you!"

If you are short on time but you body is high in tension, Thai massage can also be carried out as a 'Thai Power Break' on an ergonomically designed chair- which is what you see in the festival photos below.

For those in the North Herts area, I wholeheartedly recommend you see Ana if you resonate with the above and would like to step up to creating a consistent self care routine that optimises you body. Her wisdom with the world is priceless and I feel privileged to call her a friend. :-)

I have a personal referral code if you decide to book with her... simply quote: INCAKE20 when you book your session.

You can check out her website HERE and Facebook page HERE.

P.s I am not being compensated to write this blog post, but for the purposes of full transparency when I mentioned my blog, she offered a complimentary treatment (the one I'd just had in the pic above) which of course I said yes to!