What is your 'wild'?

I posted this mini story on my personal Facebook page yesterday and it stirred quite a few hearts with people leaving beautiful and funny comments about what 'wild' meant for them. I'd love to share with you here too and to hear your thoughts...

P.s if you haven't yet read this previous post please do! (It tells of how I broke my hand all wrapped up in one of the most incredible experiences of my life!)

...a quick t-shirt selfie as I was walking into town after my hospital appointment :-)

...a quick t-shirt selfie as I was walking into town after my hospital appointment :-)

"As I sat waiting outside the hand therapy clinic this afternoon for the latest update on my hand, a lady in a wheelchair with both arms in splints pulled up beside me, she appeared to be a similar age to me. After a few moments we made eye contact and she asked what I'd done to my hand, I explained my story and she smiled and said 'the T-shirt is quite appropriate then', we laughed together but then her smile dropped and she said softly something like 'I wish I could.' 

I paused making sure I'd heard her correctly and then met her gaze and said 'well, why don't you?' Another pause. Our conversation continued for a couple minutes before I was called in to the room. 

Being 'wild' is not about going off on big adventures, bungee jumping off a cliff, doing crazy stunts or going to parties... although it can be. It's how it's often portrayed in social media. It's what gives us the FOMO.

To me, 'being wild' is about stepping away from expectation and owning who you really are inside. 

Being wild might be wearing crazy clothes, dying your hair bright pink, getting a tattoo... OR it might be much more subtle than that... stepping up and voicing an opinion, writing something vulnerable and meaningful, saying no when all around you are saying yes, quitting your 9-to-5... literally anything that pushes the limits of your own personal comfort zone!"

@@What is YOUR 'wild'?@@


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