Chocolate brownie butter

This wasn't made for me.

There is a reason I don't use create this kind of thing.

If I did I would eat it within minutes!

brownie spread 2a.jpg

This pot of indulgent chocolate brownie spread was especially made for my mum's birthday today!

Actually I made two types of chocolate pot; the other was a smooth and creamy spreadable 'Nutella style pot' similar to this creation but made with the addition of coconut milk powder.

The one you see here today is a thick chunky chocolate 'butter', the type to stick your spoon in and shove a globful in your mouth, the type that will layer up over biscuits and scones, it won't run anywhere... thick and chunky is the name of the game!

I added dried cranberries and walnuts to amp up the brownie style indulgence. But you could add any nuts or dried fruit or even biscuit crumbs if you fancied- the more texture the better!

The photos here imply the fruit being dipped (and apologies for the browning apple slices- photoshoots take too long!) however this is not so much a dippy spread as I thick butter, so grab a spoon or a knife and slather over your fruit or whatever you wish. You could serve it cold or warmed a little to soften up. If you added a little extra liquid to the mix you may also get more of the dippy spread, though I haven't tried this way.

brownie spread 1a.jpg

Recipe: Chocolate brownie butter


  • 1/2 cup blanched almond paste (I ground up some blanched almonds. Regular roasted almond butter would also work but will alter the end flavour slightly)
  • 1/4 cup cocoa solids- melted
  • 1/3 cup boiling water
  • 1/4 cup coconut sugar (or unrefined sugar of choice, date paste may also work) 
  • handful of dried cranberries
  • handful of chopped walnuts (toasted optional) 


Dissolve the coconut sugar in the boiling water and add to the cocoa solids. Blend all with the almond paste until well mixed and smooth (ish). Mix the walnuts and  cranberries through lightly.

Store in a airtight jar. It should not need to be refrigerated. I have only just made this 'butter' so am sure of it's shelf life. 

brownie spread 4a.jpg
brownie spread 5a.jpg