Ep. 3 : "Too Much"

“I’ve set myself on sprinkle mode, but i’m not a hosepipe. I want to unleash the full flow of who I am. Can you handle that?” - Jo Hodson

Today's podcast thought-stream is a pretty deep one, even for me.

It digs into some of the stories I have taught myself through my childhood years and that still live with me into my adult years. The stories I'm still in the process of rewriting.

Throughout my life, I always considered I was 'too much'. Only now do I realise that by repressing those sides of me, I was repressing the fullest expression of who I am.

I was repressing my creativity. Repressing the essence of what it means to be Jo.

And so I wonder if there's any aspect of your nature you're pushing away. That you're holding back through fear of being too much?

I'd love to hear what comes up to you as you listen.

too much.jpg

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